Simon Tang
Software Developer

Work Experience

ConnectedSoftware DeveloperAugust 2019 -

Rangle.ioSoftware DeveloperMay - Aug 2018, Jan - July 2019

  • Helped to launch a medical platform for doctors to monitor patterns in blood glucose levels for patients
  • Built the company's new JAMstack-powered website with React + GatsbyJS, with a heavy emphasis on accessible design (WCAG 2.0 AA) and reusable codeless layout controls
  • Implemented a new design system using Storybook and a styled-system component library

TulipFull Stack DeveloperSep - Dec 2017

  • Built clienteling features for a hybrid iOS app to connect store associates with their customers using Framework 7, with customized email templates and SMS functionality
  • Developed a code initiative to apply DRY/SOLID principles and handle technical debt
  • Adopted a React + Redux + PHP codebase to deliver an MVP for a new admin management console

OpenTextSoftware DeveloperJan - Apr 2017

  • Developed new backend features for an enterprise cloud file synchronization and sharing platform [link]
  • Introduced sandboxing for automated tests; refactored legacy code to adopt new code standards
  • Coordinated with the mobile app team to roll out API changes

Validus ResearchCatastrophe Modelling Application DeveloperMay - Aug 2016

  • Built a collection of internal tools to automate importing GBs of analytical data from vendor APIs and configuring risk modelling computations, using MS SQL Server, Python/Flask, C#
  • Introduced data visualizations with AngularJS + D3.js, supporting legacy browsers including IE

N8 IdentityJava Application DeveloperMay - Aug 2015

  • Created new user flows with Spring and PostgreSQL database migrations for an Identity Access Management platform used by 1000+ franchises across Canada


University of Waterloo Class of 2019

Bachelor of Computer Science / Human-Computer Interaction Option / Cooperative Education


  • Accessible Design
  • User-Centered Design
  • Progressive Web Apps / Electron
  • Generative Adversarial Networks
  • Ethical Hacking / Computer Security
  • Retro 90s Web Development